Cities in RED indicate

a double tournament weekend!

​​​August, 2024

 4th   JTBA 45th "Kick-Off" Tournament - Columbus - Entry     Pattern

18th  JTBA Akron Youth Open - Akron - Entry     Pattern

31st   *MWUSELIMINATOR!- Beavercreek - Entry     Pattern


September, 2024

  1st   JTBA Dayton Classic - Beavercreek - Entry     Pattern               

22nd  JTBA Cleveland Open - Cleveland - Entry     Pattern

October, 2024

​ 6th   JTBA Dayton Open - Entry     Pattern

March, 2025

 9th  JTBA Welcome Back Tournament - Columbus - Entry     Pattern

29th *OHSB 7th-10th Grade State Singles Championships!-Columbus   Entry Pattern

30th *OHSB 11th-12th Grade State Singles Championships!-Columbus Entry Pattern

April, 2025

 6th   JTBA Jr. Doubles Classic - Canton - Entry     Pattern

19th *MWUSAAdult-Junior Doubles Championships! - Beavercreek - Entry   Pattern

27th  JTBA Columbus Youth Classic - Columbus - Entry     Pattern

May, 2025

4th   The 45th JTBA Championships - Entry     Pattern

​* NOTE:  The JTBA partners with the Midwest USA and the Ohio High School Bowling (OHSB) Programs.                                              Their events are listed on this schedule with a as a convenience for our youth bowlers.

The 2024-2025 

Season Schedule

Entry Forms & Patterns

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